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Heating with Water

Boilers are used in generating heat both for residential and commercial applications. They are becoming a common power plant for central heating systems. They are replacing forced-air furnaces or wood burning stoves as an economical and efficient way to heat the home. Boilers operate by way of heating water/fluid to a preset temperature and circulating that fluid throughout the home typically by way of radiators, baseboard heaters or through the floors. The fluid is in an enclosed system and circulated throughout by means of a motorized pump. Most new systems are fitted with condensing boilers for greater efficiency. The name can be a misnomer in that, except for systems using steam radiators, the water in a properly functioning hydronic boiler never actually boils.

Hydronic systems are being used more and more in new construction in North America for several reasons.

  • They are more efficient and more economical than forced-air systems (although initial installation can be more labor intensive than a traditional forced-air system).
  • They provide more even, less fluctuating temperatures than forced-air systems.
  • They do not dry out the interior.
  • They do not introduce any dust or allergens because there is no air circulation.

Installing Radiant Heat in your Existing Home (Retrofitting)

There are options to adding radiant heat to your existing home. The first step is for us to come to your home and evaluate the most effective way to add radiant heat.

Radiant floors can be installed upstairs and downstairs. Radiant floor heat can be used as your only heat source, or it can be used in conjunction with a warm air furnace, boiler or heat pump. For more detailed information please contact us.

Other Advantages of Radiant Heat

“Comfort” is a state of mind rather than a read-out on a thermostat, but most experts agree that people prefer the consistent warmth of radiant heat over heating the surrounding air through conventional means. Radiant heat can be more efficient, less expensive to operate and is very quiet.