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Common Heating Misconceptions Explained by Our Santa Rosa Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors

To guarantee that your home is heated efficiently, it’s important that you maintain a clear understanding of your heating equipment process. Within this latest post, our Santa Rosa heating and air conditioning contractors from Hanson Heating & Air highlight the truth about common heating and air conditioning misconceptions.

Cold Temperatures are Transferred

It’s true that air conditioning units cool the air, but cold temperatures are not actually transferred from one source to another. Heat is transferred directly from one object to another. This means that heat moves from the warmer object to the cooler object.

Space Heaters Save More Money than Gas Heaters

Space heaters are designed to run on electricity, and the more space heaters you use within your home, the higher your heating bill will be over the coming months. Electricity bills are actually more expensive than gas bills, and this means you may be financially better off working with gas heating systems rather than using space heaters around your home.

All New Homes are Inexpensive to Heat

Not all new homes are exceptionally efficient. In fact, the complexity and expense during the heating process usually relate to the quality of the structure. For example, some new buildings have a limited insulation structure, and this means you’re losing more air from within the property when trying to heat it. It’s important if you’re looking at a new Santa Rosa property, to also work with a heating and air conditioning contractor during the home inspection process.

The Same Heater Will Work Just as Well in a New Home

If you’re moving properties, you might find that the heater you’ve had for several years doesn’t offer the same level of heating performance and efficiency you require. Make sure you consult a heating and air conditioning contractor in Santa Rosa to understand the heating equipment you need for your new property.

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