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Commercial Air Conditioner repair in Santa Rosa

Yesterday afternoon I went to a business in Santa Rosa that had an air conditioner that was not working. In this case it was a rooftop machine called a gas-pack. There was a spot in the system for a filter but the filter was not installed. As a result the air conditioning evaporator coilwas impacted with dirt and was not allowing air flow, This makes the evaporator coil form Ice that covers its surface. This is an example of how maintenance is so important. An air filter is not just about making the air cleaner its really there to protect the equipment making the air cleaner is just a nice benefit.This sounds simple but this problem often leads to compressor failure due to liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor. Who would think that a dirty air filter or no air filter could turn into a repair that big.

Don’t ignore the simple things change the filter or set up a maintenance agreement with us and avoid problems.