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Air conditioning repair in Healdsburg

Today’s last call was for an air conditioner that although cooling was making a very loud vibration every time it came on. This can be a few different things but in this case it was an older compressor that is having a hard time starting. When an air conditioning compressor starts it draws very high amps and can vibrate loudly until it comes up to operating RPM. This heavy vibration will cause bearing failure and is very annoying. Fortunately there is a fix that often works for this but is not really expensive. A start capacitor with a potential relay will bring a compressor up to speed quickly and can reduce or even stop high amp draw and vibration on startup. In some houses the high amp draw on startup will actually dim the lights briefly. This can be annoying but also very hard on the more sensitive electrical devices in the house like A TV or computer. This simple little black cylinder and black box can be added to most air conditioners and will extend the life of the motor.