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Electrical Safety

It sounds like a Cal/OSHA issue for jobsite safety, and it is. However, it can also be a problem in a existing home or an older installation. Electrical codes have changed over the years. These changes have all been to protect us with better, safer, designs and practices. Even with these advancements, just like anything else, electrical components will wear out. The problem is this can cause fires or electrocution and will damage equipment that is still in operation.

At Hanson Heating and Air, we are licensed electricians. This allows us to look into electrical problems and solve them in the course of service and maintenance. Below are some pictures of problems we have found and presented to the customer. This is another example of how we cover every aspect of the job.

This shows a panel that had a breaker overheating. Had this been ignored, the equipment would have failed costing the customer thousands of dollars.


This panel is a Zinsco brand. They are no longer in production for many reasons. Here you can see that the panel does not allow enough room for the conductors. The breaker for the heat pump was also loose which was causing the rooftop fuse to trip. This caused the compressor to fail.


This shows a breaker overheating while in the panel. An infared camera was used here to check for overheating circuits. We have found that the infared camera has many uses, but this is one of the best.